Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however not everyone knows how to organize a breakfast meeting with success . Too many people have nothing more than a coffee, muffin or croissant in the morning. Some even choose to skip breakfast altogether. One way to improve this trend is to offer your employees a hearty or healthy breakfast to start the day.

Eating breakfast as a staff can produce a number of benefits. It can improve the morale around the office. It could also lead to more engagement and productivity among the employees. Finally, and most importantly, worker concentration can significantly improve when they started the day on the right foot. Nonetheless, rewarding employees with a breakfast can have a serious (and positive) impact on your business.

Whether it is your first time hosting an office breakfast or you are hoping to try something different, our corporate catering company in Toronto has plenty of breakfast ideas for your work group. Take a look at these 3 office meeting breakfast ideas to help make your next event memorable.

3 Easy & Quick Breakfast Ideas for the Office to Supercharge Your Employees’ Mornings

The Traditional Breakfast Buffet

If you are looking to go all-out, a catered breakfast buffet is something worth considering. It is an elegant way to start the day and will have a fine selection of food items to suit most (if not all) taste buds. When catering a breakfast buffet, it is important to remember to place food logically. Employees should be able to identify what they are eating and reach the food easily with appropriate serving tools.

For a successfully catered continental breakfast menu, consider these hot and cold food options:

Hot Food Options

• Scrambled eggs – served either plain or with toppings like bell peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes.
• Meat Alternatives such as Beyond Meet or Vegan-Style Eggs
• Omelet stations – served either plain or with toppings like cheeses and vegetables.
• Waffle stations with fresh fruit, whipped cream and maple syrup.
• Sides, such as hash browns, home fries and French fries.

Cold Food Options

• Muffins
• Croissants
• Scones
• Fresh fruit salad
• Fruit platters
• Yogurts
• Cereal with both dairy and nondairy milk options

When to consider a Breakfast Buffet option: If you are not under too tight of a budget constraint, this is usually a safe choice. Breakfast buffets are better options in the winter and/or when “healthy food” is not a significant preference.

2. The Healthy Option

With increased attention to health and wellness, many employees may be looking for foods with the least calories, unhealthy fats and carbs. When looking for office meeting breakfast ideas you want to present at your next corporate breakfast event, it is important to remember that not all healthy foods are necessarily fat-free or sugar-free. It is equally as important to look at the nutritional value and not just the calorie count.

Healthy Office Meeting Food Ideas include

• Self-serve Oatmeal Station with Milks and Dried Fruits
• Whole Wheat or Twelve Grain Breads with Almond Butter or Fresh Avocado.
• Sugar-free cereals
• A-Build-Your-Own Parfait Stations

When to choose this healthy breakfast option: Choose this option when wellness and health are important to 60% or more of your employees.

3. A Breakfast Potluck

Do your staff enjoy getting involved in the planning process of corporate events? Do you think a breakfast potluck suits your business’ size and budget better than a fully catered event would? If the answers to the above questions were yes, your options are limited only by your imagination (and by your employees’ cooking skills).

A breakfast potluck is a great way to make a corporate breakfast event memorable. It is also an excellent way to celebrate the diversity in your office and to show appreciation to the differences that make us all unique. There are two ways to organize the food being served at potlucks and that’s either through a buffet style or stations. Whichever style you choose, it is important to ensure that all employees can identify the food they are eating and that each food is categorized by its purpose – starter, side, dairy-based products, meat products, desserts etc.

Breakfast Potluck Ideas

• Homemade Pancakes and Waffles
• A Fruit Platter
• Breakfast Burritos
• Banana Bread
• Soft Boiled Eggs