Decadent Catering Wedding CatererSo much preparation and attention to details goes into planning a wedding celebration. From ‘To Do’ lists to guest seating lists, it can start to feel like a full time job leading up to the big day. After much hard work, when it’s all said and done, three things are often remembered and spoken about by all wedding guests: the bride, the food, and if it was an enjoyable party. Searching for the perfect wedding caterer can become a pressured task in itself, especially if you have family guests with varied tastes and special dietary requirements to consider. At Decadent Catering we have the culinary experience, creativity and nutritional knowledge to accommodate any food requirements, and our excellent quality locally sourced ingredients enhance the experience. Decadent will have your guests raving with pleasure at the presentation and flavour of food at your wedding.

Our Enjoyment in Catering Weddings

We enjoy catering weddings and being part of a very special moment in a couple’s life. We feel honoured to be able to express our love of food and serve people a beautiful culinary experience. Our creativity is excited by the goals, requirements and expectations of our clients, and we strive to rise to the occasion at your celebration. Our positive energy goes into all we do, from the first time you contact us about catering to the very last bite, we enjoy what we do and it shows. Tell us what you wish to achieve with the food at your wedding and let us show you how we can wow you and your guests.

Dietary Requirements No Problem

When you sit down with a wedding caterer, you tend to have a list of guests that have certain nutritional requirements, allergies, even issues like diabetes. Gluten free, lactose intolerant, nut free, no sugar, low fat, the list can be lengthy these days. That’s precisely why we use mainly fresh organic produce, most of which is locally sourced, and we utilize healthy fats for cooking. In truth, we can pretty much accommodate any food request. At Decadent Catering we have what it takes to create healthy, delicious, beautiful food that can successfully satisfy many people’s diets. Dietary requirements do not pose a problem for us when catering your wedding party.

We First Eat with Our Eyes

Wedding celebrations are all about beauty, from the bride, the flowers, the cake table… everything beautiful to reflect the love being celebrated with family and friends. One of the main things of beauty to hungry guests is the presentation of food. Eyes devour what is seen on a plate before a fork is even touched. The anticipation of flavours, the aroma of tastes about to be experienced… this is the part of a wedding reception many people look forward to, which is why Decadent Catering goes above and beyond to achieve excellence in catering your celebration. We plate and present with passion and creativity. The flavour of everything we create supports the magnificent presentation of food at your event. From eyes to taste buds, we are an event caterer that delights with every bite.

Catering Across the Map

We have been successfully creating memorable culinary experiences at weddings and events throughout Toronto and the GTA for more than 14 years, and our clients appreciate our catering creativity, sustainability and attention to detail. Our goal, from the moment we meet you, is customer satisfaction. At Decadent Catering we delight in discovering what you wish to achieve with the food at your wedding, and then we will strive to exceed your expectations of excellence. We would be pleased and honoured to be a part of your most special celebration. Contact us today.