Decadent Catering Event CatererAs all brides and grooms know, there is simply no time in your life that will mean more to you than your wedding day.  Why not make the most of it and hire a wedding and event caterer to simplify, plan and organize your wedding day.  Decadent Catering is a wedding caterer that has overseen a multitude of weddings in Toronto and the GTA over the last 15 years, with a large supply of extremely satisfied customers.  Our goal is to make your wedding planning and actual wedding day go off without a hitch!

At Decadent Catering, we have listened to our customers and we hear that using local, sustainable ingredients is important to them.  We strive to use the best foods for health, including doing the following:

  • We make every effort to buy seasonal, local ingredients, whenever possible, to ensure better tasting food
  • We use only non-hydrogenated and low cholesterol oils in all prepared foods
  • We use 100% biodegradable, compostable disposable ware on request
  • We use Kraft brown paper shopping bags which are 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • We have a recycling program in which 90% of waste is diverted from landfills
  • We only use Fair Trade Coffee beans
  • We use suppliers who are also practicing good environmental initiatives
  • We use paper with 30% post-consumer waste content and shred and recycle/reuse paper products whenever possible
  • We provide paperless options for customers to place orders through our website and reduce amount of paper used through e-billing systems

By taking these steps to protect our environment as well as supporting locally grown food, we are doing our part to not only serve the freshest food, but also to help our planet.  Our team will work with you to prepare the wedding of your dreams in every way possible. 

Decadent Catering has been serving our valued clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 15 years.  We strive to meet all your needs from food, service and sustainability to budget and timing each time we work together.  Our large contingency of loyal customers as well as our growing base of new customers is proof positive that Decadent Catering is the wedding and event caterer that you want for your big day.