Decadent Catering Wedding CatererWhen you’re in love and about to be married, everything is deliciously exciting. Your senses are heightened, your smiles are big and your heart seems to buzz with excited anticipation for the big day. You hope to have the best of everything, including a wedding caterer. You hear stories and get feedback about event caterers that people you know have had success with in the past, and you book a few tastings in search of the best one for you and your requirements. It can be a fun process for a couple about to be married, until you have solid decisions to make, which may become a bit stressful when you have so many other people to consider. Decadent Catering understands the desire to satisfy everyone, and although it can be a challenge at times, we have well over a decade of experience catering weddings and events where every guest is treated as a VIP and are more than pleased with our creative performance.

It’s A Date

Obviously we start with the date of your wedding, and although we wish to cater to them all, we’ve become quite a popular event caterer in the past fourteen plus years and our services are in high demand. If we’re fortunate enough to have the honour to cater your wedding, we move on to the venue. We are equipped to cater indoor and outdoor locations, and if you haven’t been able to secure a venue we can help with that too.

Factor in the Numbers

Numbers are a big part of planning – guests, budgets, and times – all numbers are part of the recipe to a successfully enjoyable event. As a wedding and event caterer we ask all the number questions right up front, even though we are mainly interested in your vision for the big day. From there we are able to clearly see how we can best be creative and resourceful, decadent and impeccable, to create the event of your dreams.

Tasting Excitement

At Decadent Catering we will prepare a tasting for you so you can sample our creative work if you’re not personally familiar with us. Once you get a feel for what we can do, we co-create a menu with you to facilitate your ultimate vision. We will then establish a timeline for service and the entire event will be planned out to the last detail as per your wishes. All requirements and details will be taken into consideration and we will ask as many questions as we need to in order to ensure nothing is missed. At this point a harmonious relationship is solidified between couple and caterer, and all are in excited anticipation of the big day!

Catering Changes

It’s not uncommon for there to be changes before a big event, especially a wedding, and we do our very best to be as accommodating as possible under all circumstances. Keeping us informed of changes or modifications is the key to us best facilitating your requests. Maybe have catering on your speed dial, at least until after your wedding reception!

Our Honour and Pleasure

Decadent Catering enjoys creating and serving decadence for all occasions and events, especially weddings, in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Our customer’s success and satisfaction is truly ours. Visit our website or contact us today and share your vision of your most perfect wedding day with us. It would be an honour and a pleasure for us to be a part of your most special occasion.