Decadent Catering Wedding CatererYou dream about it, maybe since childhood. You envision it, in your waking dreams. It’s on your mind and in your heart. Your wedding day is a most memorable milestone event in your life and it’s important to you and your partner to create a beautiful celebration together to enjoy looking back on for years and years to come. One of the most crucial factors in planning your wonderful occasion is finding the best wedding caterer you can to facilitate your needs and desires. For more than fifteen years Decadent Catering has been catering to a plethora of weddings and events in the big city, and we go the distance to ensure creative and service excellence and complete satisfaction every time.

Themes and Stories

Several of our catering customers choose to make use of a specific theme for their weddings and events. Some couples even enjoy working their love story into their reception menu. Choosing to either focus on a single course, item or beverage or telling the whole tale of love throughout the entire menu, we thoroughly delight in co-creating heart desires.

Story of Love Told in Every Bite

One adorable couple seeking a highly creative event caterer came to us with the desire to tell their love story in every bite served on their wedding day. From cocktail reception hors d’oeuvres, through all courses served, to the cake and very last sweet on the table, every food item had a special anecdote of love between the wedded couple.

Lovely Duos Memorable Eats

This lovely duo insisted that the hors d’oeuvres served with cocktails before the sit-down dinner were fashioned after the tapas they so thoroughly enjoyed together during their initial blind date. Even the custom martini cocktails they tried and liked that first night they met were remixed to perfection for their guests. At their formal reception, Decadent Catering masterfully ensured that each course and menu item served represented milestones and memorable experiences shared in the couple’s love story. One of which was the filet mignon that the bride to be burnt to a charred crisp upon attempting to cook her Mr. Right his first dinner prepared by her from scratch. She wanted desperately to impress him with her cooking, but was so enamored by him that fateful night her distraction ruined perfectly beautiful and expensive steaks. We were pleased to present the wedded couple and their guests with the perfectly cooked filet mignon the bride’s heart intended on creating for her soul mate that evening of culinary mishap in their love story.

Sweetness Shared

Decadent Catering is a wedding and event caterer that takes great pride in going the distance to meet the needs and desires of all customers. This particular couple took their love story theme right to the sweetness they shared in the final tale that led them to both say “I do” at the altar. Their wedding cake and sweet table was created around the theme of a harvest country fair, the location where the groom made his grand romantic marriage proposal. Complete with a beautifully adorned candy floss machine which offered guests a sweet treat that represented where the bride-to-be found her engagement ring hidden in before a single knee was dropped at the fair asking for her hand in marriage.

Make Beautiful Music Together

Other couples will have a ‘must’ menu item or two that is a shared favourite of theirs that they wish to enjoy with their guests at their wedding reception. A beloved dish, drink or wine from a restaurant or holiday the couple has a fondness for, or a food of extreme enjoyment the lovers share. Regardless of the reasoning behind such desires, at Decadent Catering we relish in co-creating extraordinary culinary memories with all our newly wedded couples. Our creative easy-goingness and over fifteen years of experience serving up excellence in Toronto and across the GTA has afforded us a high level reputation in the catering world. Our talented chefs coupled with your love story can make beautiful music together for the eyes and palates of you and all your guests at your wonderful wedding celebration.