Decadent Catering Wedding CatererWeddings are huge occasions. As such, it can be very difficult for someone to host and cater a wedding all by themselves (unless the wedding is very small). There is simply too much to do in a short time-frame. This is the primary reason why people hire professional caterers. Hiring a caterer is essential to ensuring that your wedding is a success!

Planning a wedding or big event all by yourself can seem like a worthwhile task. However, beyond simply putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, there is so much knowledge and experience that guides caterers in this field. It is very hard to replicate the results of professional caterers without benefiting from their years and decades of success, growth, and understanding of the industry.

Here are two common aspects of creating a menu. These aspects are present in the general process that many caterers use to design a menu. Knowing the work that goes into designing a menu will help you evaluate the best caterers to cater your wedding.

Who Are Wedding and Event Caterers Cooking For?

Knowing who your guests are is really important if you want the wedding to be a success. Even going beyond the food choices, the type of guest will determine who is served first, where they are served, and how long they are served for.

There are many different types of guests, and things that you will need to keep in mind considering those guests, but this is a good shortlist. Here is an example to further the point.

If, for instance, you want a buffet line at your wedding since it is an economical option, you need to consider whether some guests cannot go to the buffet line for some reason or another. A guest can have restricted mobility because they are old, disabled, or even just not present.

Guests who help by providing entertainment, act as ushers or event workers, and more, all cannot access the buffet line. In such a case, they would need to have their food plated and available at a time when the buffet line is not setup.

How Much Choice Does the Menu Provide Guests?

Choice matters when it comes to menu planning, especially during a wedding. The obvious choices that everyone usually chooses are chicken and fish. However, some guests might want a vegetarian option. Other guests may have allergies. Understanding the culinary limitations of guests is important to planning and preparing a great catered wedding.

If Billy cannot eat eggs and Sally is a vegan, and they have been told by the caterer that their dietary restrictions and preferences have been acknowledged, they will need separate menus, or even just separate menu choices. These quick, and sometimes last minute, decisions need to be fulfilled.

Professional wedding caterers know and understand that anything that can happen during the course of preparing a wedding can, and will happen. This is why they are so good at catering. They plan for everything.

Designing a menu, especially one that will wow your guests, is no trivial task. A lot of work and preparation goes into creating and testing a menu before the big day. Guests have their preferences, caterers much understand the guest profile they will be catering to, and the wedding needs to be perfect.

For all these reasons and more, it makes sense to contract a wedding and event caterer, like Decadent Catering for weddings hosting in Toronto and the GTA. For more information regarding wedding catering, please contact us at our website today.