Decadent Catering Wedding CatererIt’s true… we are a popular choice in the big city for weddings. Our connections with vendors and premier venues have been well established through our many successful years of catered service excellence. We even assist couples in finding the most suitable venues, suppliers and services to meet their requirements and often exceed their expectations. Wedding and event caterers often compete for business, at Decadent Catering our determination and competitiveness remains in-house as we challenge ourselves to out shine ourselves on each order received no matter the moment being celebrated.

A Wedding Caterers Best Advertising is Word Of Mouth

For over fourteen years we have been Toronto’s premier wedding caterers. We meet and serve a great deal of people from all walks of life, and we regularly get solicited by event guests. We enjoy our word-of-mouth advertising that results from our customer satisfaction. Creative presentation, fresh high quality tastes and impeccable service constitutes requests for our services at a plethora of events of all sizes and celebrations. Our passion and inventiveness is evident in every bite and each interaction mainly because we really do enjoy what we do… being a delicious part of the moments in life to be celebrated and shared among good friends and family.

Engage Your Caterer

When it comes time to announce your engagement to family and friends, it’s quite exciting. Many couples will select to turn their happy news into a celebration and share their joy. They may seek to utilize the services of a wedding caterer. Engagement parties are wonderful to bring families and shared friends together to meet each other under the auspices of a new commitment of a loving union. Occasions like this prior to the actual wedding reception allows for new connections and an opportunity for all guests to mingle and become acquainted with each other. Joy is shared and supports are granted in the coming together of a bride and groom and all of their loved ones. Regardless of the location, number of guests and unique requirements, we enjoy every single engagement party we’ve catered to and it really does build excitement on all fronts around a couple’s wedded union. Caterers are even being utilized more for various modern styles of bachelor/bachelorette parties, and we have also really enjoyed providing our unique creativity to high spirited occasions among friends. Have a look at our website and peruse our menu offerings, call us with your budget and requirements to see what we can offer you.

Decadent Baby

Another wonderful moment to celebrate in life is that of ‘new arrivals’. Baby showers, namings, Christenings, the list goes on yet all fall under the same umbrella of welcoming new life. Always a pure joy to cater to, these occasions have a completely different vibe than that of a wedding and they’re heavily anchored in family evolution. At Decadent Catering we understand that event guests encompass a wide range of ages and taste buds, so with intimate family gatherings that involve children we are able to satisfy and please from the youngest to the eldest. We strive to offer the very best in all we do to welcome baby in a memorably delicious way.

Events Beyond Weddings

Event caterers are also often used to celebrate wedding anniversaries, retirement parties, family unions and even celebrations of life. All are significant occasions highly worth our committed passion for excellence. Many events like these come with special requests for custom creations which we oblige with vigor. Themed or not, a request can be as simple as a dish created around a favourite flavour or fond treat. Catering takes on a whole new innovative level with a back story. We become passionately invested in the beauty of the life stories that culminate to the point of the celebration, and we feel honoured to be included in these moments shared with family and friends.

Passion & Inspiration

Among the wedding caterers to choose from in Toronto and throughout the GTA, we are proud to be among the very best. Lead by the passion and inspiration of Executive Chef, Michael Wiseman, Decadent Catering rises to each occasion with the excellence in service, optimal fresh quality, creative innovation and attention to every detail. We are most honoured to be a part of your celebrations in life and we look forward to every bite enjoyed.