Decadent Catering Wedding CatererAt Decadent Catering we feel our work. We don’t just cater food to weddings, events and celebrations, we put our heart into what we do and we’re confident to say that we do it well. We enjoy demanding our best, setting goals and rising to our own high standards of catering excellence. After well over a decade of doing so, we’re getting more word-of-mouth advertising than ever before as being a wedding and event caterer with heart.

Passion and love resonates from the heart. It’s why there is a wedding to celebrate! A memorable occasion such as this warrants a celebration where the enjoyment flows throughout and all fun is in harmony. Our part in the wedded day is to seamlessly flow, providing all guests delightful satisfaction and participating in a vision come true. Your vision.

Wedding Caterer Prevails

When it comes to planning a wedding celebration, there’s a great deal to prepare for that all hinges on one memorable day. You wish it to be memorable for every right reason. You may go so far as to prepare for every contingency possible. Potential weather, transportation issues, health emergencies, the list of possible situations that could arise on the day is enough to sink your spirits if you let it. Rest assured, if we become your wedding caterer our experience, knowledge, skill and passion will drive us through sudden obstacles to the best possible outcome for all in any situation that may arise on your beautiful day. We can discuss contingency plans to address any issues of your concern, and we will work with you to triumphantly achieve your vision. We are a full service catering company that offers decadent peace of mind. In over fifteen years of business we’ve experienced several nasty storms and precarious situations, and we prevailed. It’s important for our business to ensure we continue to expect the best of ourselves in each situation. The success and enjoyment of your event is our goal. From the initial planning to the post event word-of-mouth recommendation, we strive to make a good impression in all the senses.

Invite Blue Sky and Sunshine

Mother Nature may not be on the guest list, but sometimes she does crash the odd wedding or gala. Her invite is the date itself, and she will get in if she really wants to cause a big scene. Should the party be outside, she has better ability to sneak in much easier if her thunder roars. Heck, she may even tear up the dance floor! At Decadent Catering we’re on the ball enough to keep abreast of the weather conditions on your special day, and being aware of potential issues allows us to be prepared and rapidly take action in a weather event. We can be outfitted with cover, swiftly make a move to an alternate location, anything we have to do to safely keep true to your vision. In any event, maybe consider including Mother Nature on the guest list anyway, and put ‘blue sky and sunshine’ as the attire on her invitation.

Occasions Outside

An outdoor environment is obviously more favourable during warmer months of the year, between late spring and early autumn. Some type of cover is always available at weddings and events held outside, whether it is a tent or a pavilion, either some kind of shade or rain cover is primarily utilized during food service. Behind the scenes event caterers often require a portable kitchen set up to facilitate the seamless flow of freshly prepared and plated foods and cold beverages. Some venues for outdoor events may be able to provide the use of indoor kitchen facilities, and it’s our responsibility for the logistics of catering movement, presentation and delivery to guests. For occasions indoors or outside, we will go through all the details with you in advance regarding the venue to ensure the flow of logistics, style of presentation, food and beverage service, and schedule of required expectations. Your satisfaction is our success.

Celebrate Confidence in Citywide Catering

We confidently celebrate our success in each event we cater to. Our repeat customers continue to spread word-of-mouth advertising citywide throughout Toronto and the GTA. We appreciate the growth we’ve enjoyed over the past fifteen years, and we continue to strive for excellence in catering and customer service satisfaction. Contact us or visit our website to discover more about Decadent Catering.