Decadent Catering Wedding CatererAs a successful wedding and event caterer we clearly understand that wedding celebrations take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For many couples, it’s not even their first time marrying. Second, third or forth marriages seem to travel away from traditions and favour more intimate ceremonies and celebrations to exchange vows with close friends and family present. Some couples wish to be so low key that they even go so far as surprising their guests with nuptials disguised as a holiday party. Older couples sometimes seek a comfortable warm environment to share their union with loved ones and good friends. Low key, intimate, even surprise weddings can be just as decadently tasteful, pleasing and beautiful as grand weddings with all the traditional fixings.

Low Key Comfort

For couples who have previously been married that may have already experienced a traditional wedding in possibly an opulent venue with grand catering and all the ceremonial customs, including the hefty price tag, this time around they may not want to make such a big fuss. Maybe they have everything they need and want in each other, and don’t desire wedding gifts or even have guests to be out-of-pocket for anything at all. They simply want their loved ones present to celebrate their union and witness the exchange of vows. Couples that wish for a casual, comfortable more intimate setting may even select to use their own home or a small familiar venue for their big day on a private scale.  With Decadent Catering, excellence in quality and service is not jeopardized at all just because you choose to be low key with your wedding celebration.

Married With Children

Couples taking another spin on the marrying-go-round who both have children from previous marriages may seek a different type of ceremonial celebration from that of a traditional wedding reception. Parents getting married may wish to include their children in the merriment of their nuptials, and even take them into consideration when it comes to planning entertainment, venue and catering, especially if young children are involved. We’re an experienced wedding caterer that can easily handle a ‘Brady Bunch’ brood and provide a creative menu to satisfy an all-ages scenario, even if it takes place in your own home. From beautiful platters of freshly made fine foods delivered or on-site preparation and service of excellent deliciousness, we have what it takes to facilitate the type of celebration you seek to achieve and share on your special day.

Love Reunited

In the life of love and romance, there are stories of couples reuniting to marry in their later years. Once blossoming young love that drifted apart to form branches of their own family trees, they later find their love woven together again to pick up the roots of passion for each other, sometimes as if no time had passed between them at all. All they wish to do is to share the celebration of their committed reunion of love with their cherished friends and families. Catering for love story weddings akin to such a scenario is most pleasurable for us at Decadent Catering. The tales of rekindled love inspire our culinary creativity and we become excited about probing the couple for tastes and favourites they enjoyed together then and now. Treats and food memories they fondly recall, different cuisines they have enjoyed together, possibly on travels they may have shared. All of the information the couple provides us with stimulates our creativity to offer, present and serve the fresh fare that best represents the passion and love reunited.  

Surprise I Dos

All over the world there are celebrity couples who have surprised their guests with a top-secret wedding ceremony. With the intent of keeping things under wraps and away from prying paparazzi, many celebrities opt to invite family and close friends to a party with a holiday theme, only to surprise them with a spontaneous marriage ceremony. Non celebrity folk on their second or third marriage sometimes select to do the same, spontaneously springing nuptials upon guests, although carefully planned and disguised as a festive celebration. As a popular event caterer we have ample experience with surprises. We know how to be stealthy and keep a secret. Even if you choose to have a lavish wedding cake, we know exactly how to keep it hidden from your guests until the big reveal.

Delivering Delicious Dreams

The intimate, private surprise scenario works equally well for a top-secret engagement party situation. Regardless of how you wish to celebrate your union of love in Toronto or throughout the GTA, at Decadent Catering we possess the talent; skill and experience to deliver delicious dreams come true to share with your family and friends. We look forward to serving you with pure enjoyment.