Decadent Catering Daily DessertsSynchronicity… not something you’d think would be involved too much in corporate event catering, although at Decadent Catering it seems to happen quite a bit for us, and it makes what we do even that much more enjoyable.

Aside from our impeccable customer service, extreme high quality and cost effectiveness, we’ve got some magic in our decadence. We’ve helped many of our corporate clients achieve their meeting and event goals with synchronistic details that even we can be unaware of until hindsight sheds light on it. And we love it when we get feedback from our corporate catering, especially when synchronicity is involved.

Our Relationships Achieve Goals

As a successful corporate event catering company, we’re in pretty tight with our long standing customers, most of whom are corporate event planners, executive assistants and office managers. We’ve been able to establish solid relationships where we work well together and are able to mutually achieve goals. In our communications and business interaction sometimes magic happens with corporate catering and little details become deciding factors in goal achievement.

Driven By The Senses

No matter what the business or industry, everyone is sensory driven. Information is proven to be more positively received when the senses are being stimulated and appealed to. A good tone of voice, a delightful taste on the palate, pleasing physical comfort, appreciative visuals, enjoyable scents, all work to place an individual in a receptive frame of mind. If the goal is to conduct business with those in a meeting or at an event, then you most certainly seek a receptive audience. At Decadent Catering we believe that driving the senses to achieve goals lives in the details.

Successful Synchronicity

Several of our corporate catering clients have told us stories of how something we did, created or provided became a deciding factor in a business meeting which led to success. Simple things that even we were surprised to hear about, like fresh locally grown produce, bread or even a tea, made a successful impact. On occasion, if we happen to run low on an item, we make an upgrade substitution in a pinch. One such a time we ran out of a tea a client wanted us to include in an assortment for a catering order, so we provided a substitute we got at a local supplier where we purchase some of our fresh produce. Apparently this tea was so well received and enjoyed, that we were told by our client “it helped land a major contract”. That’s some successful synchronicity.

Eleventh Hour Panic

One evening we received a call from a good customer of ours who was in a panic and needed special breakfast catering for a very private business meeting the next morning. She was almost convinced it was too late to place an order and would have to cater the meeting herself. Thankfully she called Decadent Catering anyway hoping we might help her out in the eleventh hour. She explained the situation to us – a highly important breakfast meeting her boss was just able to schedule with a VIP that was flying out to Japan that next morning. It was a small, time sensitive meeting with no budget constraints, only one request of her boss – ‘make sure it’s really good’. We provided beautifully presented fresh fruit and Montreal style stone oven bagels we picked up at a local bakery at the crack of dawn, because we had run out of bagels before we could fill this last minute order. The next day we received an excited call from the same woman thanking us beyond mention. Apparently the breakfast meeting went over so well that the VIP postponed his flight to Japan, ate two bagels with lox and cream cheese, saying it was the best thing he had ever eaten, and signed a deal that was almost meant for a competitor. Her boss said all this man went on about was how he always wanted to try a Montreal style bagel with lox and cream cheese.

We Aim To Please

Decadent Catering is a corporate catering company that prides itself on serving the very best to customers and VIPs in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Visit our website to view our menu offerings or contact us with your custom order requests. We aim to please all palates in all situations. Your success and satisfaction is ours.