Planning a corporate event or meeting in the GTA? In addition to important choices of guest speakers, venues, and presentation materials, you really don’t want to also have to worry about menus. You want your employees and guests to be fed and refreshed, and this is where corporate catering can assist you.

Decadent Catering has been providing exceptional corporate catering services to clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 14 years. Our talented chefs and catering experts will help you select a menu that is ideal for your corporate event. Using fresh ingredients and a wealth of knowledge and creativity, our chefs will design a menu that is delicious and fits your corporate budget. And our staff will professionally deliver and set up the tables and are available to serve the food too.

When you hire Decadent Catering as your corporate caterer, you are embarking on a partnership that will serve you and your clients well. We understand the important role that good corporate catering plays in every successful business meeting and event. We prepare and serve food and beverages that are nutritious, delicious and help to ensure participants to be at their best for the rest of the event. We think beyond the ubiquitous veggie trays and platter of sandwiches. At a comparable price, Decadent Catering can create grilled vegetable platters or gourmet deli meat platters. You and your guests will be impressed and satisfied.

We also understand that sometimes those meetings come out of nowhere at the last minute and now you really don’t have time to discuss menu options. In those cases you can rest assured that a brief call to Decadent Catering is all you need to do to let us take care of your corporate catering needs. We can draw upon your past menus from other events, or if you are a relatively new client, we can select menus that have successfully met the needs of our many other clients. Our team works quickly and reliably to offer fresh, delicious corporate catering that will exceed your expectations each time we work together.

Hiring Toronto’s Decadent Catering as your corporate catering company will be one of the easiest and best decisions you will make in your busy work schedule. Let us serve you and your employees and clients at your next corporate meeting or event in Toronto or the GTA.