Decadent Catering Wedding CatererChange is a constant. Big change can be an adjustment. Life changes, as with a birth or marriage, are joyous occasions to be celebrated with family and friends. Securing a wedding and event caterer only to have them cancel on you, is a big change you can do without. Don’t let it spoil the happiness of your celebration, contact us at Decadent Catering. With over fifteen years of successful experiences, we’re good with change, especially when it comes to ‘saving the day’. Our superhero customer service has afforded us many wonderful stories of positive change leading to awesome celebrations.

Not All Caterers Are Created Equal

Very true, especially when we receive calls from panicked brides-to-be and event planners with horror stories about awful experiences with caterers. All planning seems to be progressing smoothly only to have unforeseen circumstances land like a bomb on what is meant to be a happy celebration. Our facilities and awesome staff allow us to have the opportunity to assist people in times of panicked need, and this sets us apart from many other event caterers.

Replacing A Caterer Gone Missing

We had a call from a woman in tears begging us to help her. The wedding caterer she hired to cater her outdoor reception was no where to be found! Their phone number was no longer in service, their office unit was empty and she wasn’t able to find anyone who worked for them to see what was going on. Her deposit was long gone and it seemed like her beautifully planned outdoor wedding was falling apart before her eyes, until she called us. Even though we had only a week to prepare, her reception was easy enough for us to step in and save the day. Unfortunately, situations like this do happen, especially when it’s a pricing issue and people sometimes choose the cheapest option for their catering. We don’t condone fly-by-night business, although we sure are pleased to have the opportunity to superhero solutions and ensure successful celebrations for all our clients.

Catering Company Changes

A long time customer of ours suggested to her co-worker that she contact us after experiencing a lot of anxiety and frustration dealing with the catering company she contracted for her wedding. In our first call with her, she explained to us that she had a good experience in her initial encounters with this caterer and was very pleased with the tasting they provided. After signing off on the menu and securing her deposit, she told us it all went south after they “cashed the cheque”. She discovered their head chef had quit and there were many staff changes at the catering company. She never spoke to or saw any of the original people she was dealing with. The bride-to-be felt that everyone she did speak to was not helpful at all, actually they were quite rude to her, and when she finally got to meet the owner to finalize catering plans and settle her mind, he informed her that the original menu had changed and there was nothing he could do about it for her. Without their head chef and his creativity, they could not offer her exactly what she originally wanted and planned for. All of this behaviour from a catering company just baffled us because at Decadent Catering we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and high quality creations. We were able to successfully cater her reception, offering her more than what she hoped for, and we must have done a wonderful job because her sister, two cousins and best friend’s brother have all hired us to cater their weddings as well!

City Wide Wedding Caterer

Indoor or outdoor, in Toronto or throughout the GTA, we’re on our way to two decades of successfully providing catering solutions for weddings, events, corporate meetings and functions of all sizes and requirements. Our customer success and satisfaction is purely ours. We look forward to hearing about your vision to celebrate your special occasion. Celebrations are meant to be decadent and we aim to please.