As the organizer of a corporate event in Toronto or the GTA, you know how hard it can be to ensure your clients are impressed. Flow charts, power point slides, and even videos can be less engaging to participants than their ever present Blackberry or other smart phone. You need something that is sure to bring their attention back to the important matter at hand.  A fresh, delicious meal can provide this needed distraction to ensure your clients are engaged, satisfied, and willing to listen.

Decadent Catering, a corporate event catering company serving Toronto and the GTA, can help bring your meeting to life! Whether a mid-morning snack or full sit-down lunch or dinner, a positive food break gives your participants the fuel they need to recharge and remain engaged. From salads to pastas to meats to desserts, our catering experts can work with you to design a menu that is perfect for your corporate event and your guests’ dietary demands.

Our corporate event catering experts are here to help you select or design the menus that will work for you at a cost that is sure to please even the most stringent boss’s budget. And our highly experienced serving staff is available to ensure everyone enjoys exceptional meal service without a hitch.   Our team works in cooperation with you to create a catered event that will be memorable and that will delight and impress your guests.

The catering experts at Decadent Catering take pride in the quality of our menu items, but they also strive to provide those items at an affordable value to you, our esteemed customer. Whether from an existing menu, or a menu created exclusively for you, rest assured that our corporate event catering options will exceed your expectations.

Decadent Catering is an industry leading corporate event catering company that has been serving our valued clients in Toronto and the GTA for 14 years.  Our longevity is proof of our commitment to quality, service and value as well as our dedication to our valued clients.