Are you looking to spice up a major corporate event? Decadent Catering’s corporate catering services possesses a sophisticated menu that will please even the pickiest taste buds. The key to a great event is the food and service. Even if you have the best content lined up, your guests want food and our corporate catering services will give you just that.

Corporate Catering for the Early Riser

Are you hosting an event early in the morning? We do breakfast. We offer fresh baked goods, like bagels, muffins, and scones, topped with your choice of cream cheese, butter, or jam. Are you looking for something heartier? We also serve the classic eggs and bacon themed breakfast as well as delectable fruit. Our corporate catering services breakfast options are endless.

Corporate Catering for the Busy Businessman

Lunch time rolls around and your company has a business meeting and you are in need of a fast lunch to get your team through the rest of the day. Our chef’s will whip you up mouthwatering sandwiches. They come in many varieties like classic egg sandwiches, chicken, ham, cheddar, and they are served with salads if you wish. This is the perfect lunch for the busy businessman that is trying to maintain a tight schedule.

Corporate Catering for the Dinner Rush

We also offer a wide variety of corporate catering services for main courses. We serve beef tenderloin bourguignon, buttered fettuccine, salads, beef skewers, stir fry, beef kabobs, and much more. The options are endless, and if you are interested in our full corporate catering menu, we suggest that you check out our website.

Corporate catering is an art. Decadent Catering’s team of chefs and servers are dedicated to providing companies throughout Toronto and the GTA with the best possible corporate catering experience. Well-fed workers are productive workers, trust us.