He may have proposed to you and we believe you when you tell us that it was romantic and beautiful. However, the wedding is a long ways off and it is important that you find a suitable wedding and event caterer to ensure that your special day is executed flawlessly. Decadent Catering has years of experience in the role of a wedding and event caterer. Experience is key, this ensures that you find a proper wedding and event caterer that understands how a wedding should occur. This includes the venue, entertainment, food, and overall service. Do not compromise on anything.

Finding the right venue can be challenging, but a knowledgeable wedding and event caterer will know everything you need to know about the major venues in your city. They can tell you which ones have relaxed rules for when the wedding gets a little wild. They can tell you which ones are more formal. Really, it is the job of your wedding and event caterer to help you find the best venue possible for your big day.

Every wedding has some form of entertainment. It is important that your wedding and event caterer stick to their tight schedule regardless of unforeseen and unpredictable situations. The event must follow its sequence. This includes the food and service portion. Food is a major part of the wedding. No one wants to hear their guests complain that the food was unsavory. Your wedding and event caterer must be understanding to all of your unique needs and dietary concerns. They must also be willing to experiment and to help you plan the perfect menu for your wedding. Furthermore, the service must be friendly and engaging. Guests want to have a good time, they want to chat, and they want to eat. All of this is dependent on how efficient the service is.

Decadent Cateringembodies all of these qualities. We work with all of our clients in an effort to provide them with the best wedding experience possible. We are an experienced wedding and event caterer and we are ready to make your big day memorable. We provide our services throughout Toronto and the GTA.