Together with the dress and the ceremony, another aspect of your wedding that will be remembered will be the food that you served.The first thing that you must specify is what type of celebration you want. Do you prefer something informal? Do you want a standing type cocktail wedding or do you prefer it to be sit down?If you remember having a wonderful time at a wedding and thoroughly enjoyed the food, ask for references. Advice from friends and relatives can be a good starting point when planning your wedding.

Before searching for a wedding and event caterer, you need to have some information clear. For example, the date of the wedding, number of guests, and the budget is important to know. You need to know that dinner is usually more expensive than lunch. Also, the cost will be higher if you want to serve more dishes and buffet-style is not as expensive as a plated meal.

At Decadent Catering we take care to ensure that every element of the decoration such as the flowers, center pieces, and candles look perfect. For us the service is extremely important. Our highly qualified team will provide you with the enthusiasm, excitement and expertise your wedding deserves. We will make your wedding celebration special and memorable.

At Decadent Catering we are proud to offer you customized wedding and event catering services. We can work within any budget to create a memorable, beautiful wedding for you and your loved ones. You will be free to enjoy your day and mingle with your guests as our dedicated team takes care of all the details. Decadent Catering is a reputable wedding and event caterer. We have been serving our valued clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 14 years.