Decadent Catering Wedding CatererRegardless of the location, couples will want to work with one of the better wedding and event caterers in the city that has the experience and ability to successfully cater functions in any setting… even home.‘Home is where the heart is’ can ring quite true for some couples about to be married who seek to share their nuptials with family and friends in an intimate comfortable environment. Large weddings in big venues with lavish catering will not fit the plan or desire of a Bride and Groom seeking a warm, lower key celebration and overall experience. Even though we can assist in finding the best sites this mega-city has to offer, sometimes grand venues just won’t cut it and you may have something else in mind.

Home Sweet Home Weddings

There really are no rules when it comes to celebrating your nuptials. With you and your beloved’s desires, it’s pretty much anything goes, including the choice of venue, even if that’s home. There can be several reasons for wanting to have a home wedding, whether it takes place in a couple’s own house or a residence belonging to a family member or friend. Good wedding caterers will formulate an action plan and be able to come in to a location, set up, prepare, serve and clean up to the point at which in the end no visible trace of catered activity is evident. We work seamlessly so you, your hosts and guests do not have to lift a finger or have a care in the world other than to celebrate and savour the beautiful moments together.  

Celebrating Back Home

Sometimes there are incidences where the Bride and Groom live out-of-town but would like to have a catered celebration with their family and friends who all reside ‘back home’. They might be gifted with the opportunity to have their wedding party at a family or friend’s residence or the couple may rent a place within the city where they’re able to stay and host their special occasion. This is quite a gracious decision especially when the couple seeks to include loved ones who are unable to travel away to share in the joyous celebration. At Decadent Catering we have the ability and experience to assist couples from out-of-town to host their special day with loved ones at home. Visit our website or call us to discuss your requirements and vision to celebrate your day your way.     

Young At Heart

Weddings celebrated in a house setting are often beneficial when there are certain family members, young or old, that have difficulty in an unfamiliar environment. To alleviate stress and maintain a cohesive intimate comfortable atmosphere for all guests, home may just be the perfect spot to exchange vows and dance in celebration together. Add good catering to the festivities that appeal to all requirements, and you can’t go wrong. We offer menu items suitable for children and delicious healthy creations fit for the young at heart. Our on-site Executive Chef led culinary crew and service staff work sharply as a team to ensure a high level of service excellence and respect for your home, guests and your celebration. If you haven’t already heard about us, give us a call and let’s discuss the possibility of arranging a tasting menu and present you with your wide array of options, no matter where your wedding will be enjoyed.

Beautiful Gardens and Party Tents

Dream weddings may manifest in the shape of a theme or a desire to have it at a beautiful location close to the couple’s heart. A magnificent home with beautiful gardens and outdoor party potential or a family farm, ranch or vast homestead may be offered to or favoured by the Bride and Groom. Event caterers have the ability to construct on-site tented kitchen facilities and/or make use of what is made accessible. Thanks to our many years of experience and robust relationships, we can even assist you with other aspects of planning, such as tent and party rentals, entertainment, florist, photographer and so on. Whether you seek a sit down full service multicourse dinner in a beautiful event tent or a garden party afternoon buffet, we naturally flow in a manner that ensures the satisfaction of you and your guests.

Lift the Veil

Lift the veil to see that you are a creator and can do and have whatever you desire for your wedding celebration, even if that entails having it at home. Throughout Toronto and the GTA we’ve catered a plethora of weddings and events in our fifteen years of service excellence. If home is where your heart is for your wedding, at Decadent Catering we would be most pleased and honoured to fulfill your heart desires. Visit our website, peruse our menu offerings, read testimonials or give us a call and share with us the dream day you and your beloved would like to experience and offer your guests.