Event catering is a tough skill to master. There are so many different facets of knowledge and experience that a professional caterer needs to access and use in every catering job. The ability to do this is one which is built up from years and decades of experience. This is why corporate event caterers are worth every penny! They bring an ability to determine success that is unparalleled by part-time and hobbyist caterers.

Types of Skills Used by a Corporate Event Catering Company

The best corporate events are catered by skilled caterers and catering companies. The planners and executors of these events have the following skills:

  1. Time management
  2. Punctuality
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Compassion
  5. Effective communication
  6. Leadership
  7. Flexibility
  8. Accessibility
  9. Multi-tasking
  10. Charisma


These are just some of the many soft skills professional caterers need to host a successful corporate event. These skills are learned by years of hard work and ability. Some people naturally have these abilities. Most people learn them. Catering just one event is not enough. You need to host and cater events for years before building yourself up as a professional and successful caterer.

Types of Events Catered by a Corporate Event Catering Company

No one event will provide you with the knowledge to host successful event after successful event. You need years of experience hosting many different types of events, in many different types of situations in order to acquire the breadth of knowledge needed to become a professional corporate event caterer. There are no shortcuts and there is no easy way. There is simply time and experience.

Common types of corporate events that are catered include:

  1. Seminars
  2. Conferences
  3. Trade shows
  4. Executive retreats
  5. Incentive programs
  6. Sporting events
  7. Appreciation events
  8. Fundraisers
  9. Team building events
  10. Launch parties
  11. Board meetings

Each of these events is unique in their own right, and each event requires caterers to adapt and apply their knowledge to the specifics of the circumstance. For instance, the steps needed to cater cold drinks will vary at a seminar versus an outdoors sporting event like a charity golf meetup. When it comes to catering an event, especially a corporate event, the best caterers approach it with an open mind, backed up with their years of experience and ability. It is the only way to guarantee a success!

Why a Corporate Event Catering Company is Best!

Corporate event catering companies, whether they work with subcontractors or have an in-house catering team, have decades of experience catering a wide variety of events. Even when two events are the same, like seminars, the details of those events matter a lot. Much of the success of a catered events lies in the details.

Here is one such example!

One seminar can be dry, while another can serve alcohol in an open bar. One seminar can occur in the office, while another can occur in a grassy field 200 miles away on a work retreat. One seminar can be budgeted at $5000 and another can be budgeted at $50,000 or more. There are a lot of differences between even the most similar of events that need to be accounted for.

Event planning is a tough business. If you want to have an event catered, your best chance for success is hiring a professional and reputed corporate caterer.

When it comes to choosing a corporate event catering company, choose one with experience, knowledge, ability, and compassion. Choose one like Decadent Catering in Toronto and the GTA. For more information on the benefits of hiring a corporate event caterer, please visit us at our website today.