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If you’re hosting a special event such as a family get-together, you want it to be memorable. Your event is a time for all of your guests to come together and enjoy a special experience. Ensuring everyone is having a good time at your event is key to making it a good memory for everyone.

One of the best ways to help people enjoy themselves at your event is with food. Unlike entertainment or music, all of your guests can most likely enjoy food, including both children and adults. With the help of an experienced and unique caterer, you can make your event a truly memorable experience.

As Toronto’s number one social event catering company, we at Decadent Catering have made it our business to cater to your special events with a wide range of delicious cuisine. We emphasize keeping things simple for you: one of our main goals is to help you carry the burden of organizing a special event.

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Why An Event Needs Catering

You might think that event catering is only corporate catering for company events, but that isn’t always the case. There are many events, such as weddings, family reunions, and other major gatherings that all benefit from event catering.

Save Time

If you have a family, you know cooking for only a few people can take quite a bit of time: depending on what you’re making, it could be more than an hour. Cooking for dozens or even hundreds of people while figuring out the logistics of handling the necessary ingredients is out of most households’ scope, and that’s when you need social event catering.

Choose from a wide variety of food options

Why waste your time struggling with the logistics of your event’s menu when you can use a catering company? With the help of a company like Decadent Catering, you will have access to several event catering menus. All you need to do is choose which one suits your event best, customize it as you like, and take care of the rest. It’s quick, simple, and easy.

Our Special Event Serving Styles

We offer a variety of different menus and menu styles to allow you to choose the perfect option for your event. Depending on the mood you want to set for your event, you may opt for either a buffet-style menu or a more formal plate-by-plate version. We offer several other options to ensure you can find one that will fit your event perfectly.

Stationary Platters

Stationary platters are a serving style in which simple platters hold many small portions of food, which your guests pick up one by one in a self-serve manner. These platters allow you to easily customize your meal by choosing each food item you want to serve. If you don’t want to spend your time on this and are looking for ideas, we’re always ready to suggest a selection of platters for you.

Click here to view our stationary platter event catering menu.

Stationary Platters - Event Catering Toronto
Buffet Style Catering - Event Catering Near Me - Toronto


Buffet-style is a great choice when you aren’t sure how much your guests will want to eat. In this style, we serve your guests their meal from a buffet table. With plenty of helpings for any guest who wants them, this is a good option to take thinking about your event’s menu completely off your plate.

Click here to view our buffet-style event catering menu.

Plated Dinner Menus

If you’re looking for a more formal option, we also offer various fully designed three-course plated dinner menus for your guests. Our staff will serve these meals as part of this event catering package for a full, restaurant-style experience.

Click here to view our plated dinner event catering menu.

Plated Dinner Menus - Event Catering Menu
Small Plates and Stations - Event Catering - Decadent Catering Toronto

Small Plates and Stations

If you want both the simple convenience of the buffet style and the formal charm of fully refined dinner menus, small plates and stations are a good way to get the best of both worlds. Plated menu items are essentially smaller versions of full entrees in the other menu, while the self-serve food stations offer guests quick access to the food they want.

Click here to view our small plates and stations event catering menu.

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What Decadent Catering Has to Offer

Let us astound you with our professional approach and our second-to-none customer service.

If you’re looking for delicious food to ensure your Toronto special event is a success, look no further. Decadent Catering has the quality food you need to impress your guests. We have a successful event catering history with experience in all kinds of events, such as weddings and funeral receptions as well as corporate catering.

Menu Variety and Customization

Our top priority is delivering an excellent culinary experience to all of your guests. In our years working in social event catering, we’ve perfected a wide variety of menus to cover all of your guests’ preferences. To help you customize your meal to be exactly the way you want it, we keep a dialogue open between you and our chefs during the entire planning process.

Finding a Venue

At Decadent Catering, we go above and beyond the event catering itself. If you’re looking for a venue to host your event, we have you covered. We can source you the perfect venue as part of your special event catering package.


When it comes to the food experience, we know that the presentation is just as important as the flavor. That’s why we train our chefs to make each meal a work of art rather than just a food plate. Whether you opt for buffet-style or plate-by-plate catering, our presentation will be something to remember your event by.

Ethical Eating

We believe in sustainable cooking that supports local businesses. Decadent Catering sources much of our ingredients locally, with an emphasis on sustainability. With our seasonal ingredients, you can be sure your guests are getting an exclusive meal experience they won’t forget.

Get the Best Event Catering in Toronto With Decadent Catering

Decadent Catering is the best choice for event catering in Toronto. We combine world-class cooking and presentation with quick and friendly service, all at a very reasonable price, to make for one of the best options for event catering companies.

For each event we cater, we make it our goal to present your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience, with perfectly prepared and presented food and a venue to match. If you’re looking for catering near you or want to learn more, please contact us today.

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This summer, we have been ordering weekly meals from Decadent Catering and we have been so totally thrilled with the entire experience. The ordering process has been simple, the staff are friendly, responsive and just plain wonderful to deal with. Now let’s talk about the food! We have had something different each week and have NEVER had anything but amazing meals. The food is always fresh and the ingredients are of the highest quality. There is such a variety of meals to choose from and we have enjoyed hot meals, meal salads and meals from a variety of cultures. The quality is so consistently top notch and the meals are so tasty that I cannot recommend Decadent Catering enough for anyone looking for something extraordinary.

We and our guests really loved the food. The food selection and planning + customization process was made very easy by the friendly and very helpful guidance of the event management professionals. It will be an easy choice to use them again for any future events we plan.
By: Iram Imtiaz – January 29, 2018

Thank you so much to Decadent Catering for making me look like a super-star at our holiday party. The food was outstanding! Everyone was asking who catered the party and requested their contact information. Not only was the food outstanding, the help was fabulous. Thank you again for making our party such a success. I will definitely be using Decadent Catering for any future events.
By: Anny – December 18, 2017

Carol and her team are amazing. I randomly found Decadent Catering while doing a search online for local caterers after looking over the menu and the prices I decided to give them a try. The food that we ordered was amazing, it arrived on time which usually doesn’t happen with caterers and it was very reasonably priced. Since then they have been my go to caterer for all my corporate needs. The food is always plentiful and amazing and so easy to deal with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great tasting food at a reasonable price.
By: Tracie – December, 2017

Carol and her team were amazing. We hosted a Holiday Party for 85 people in a small space and she pulled it off perfectly. I would recommend her in a flash.
By: Thomas Sutton – December, 2017

Simply outstanding, courteous service to our families in North Toronto for many years. Could not have a better partner !
By: Morley Bedford Funeral Services Ltd. – December, 2017

We made the right choice to use Decadent once and now they’re our go-to catering company. The staff is amazing and accommodating for whatever your needs may be. The food is always a hit with the guests and leaves people happy and satisfied. I would recommend Decadent for anyone planning an event of any caliber – whether it be a small lunch n’ learn, fancy holiday party or friendly get-together among friends.
By: Roxie K – December, 2017

We have used Decadent Catering for our corporate events as well as our casual events. The food is always fresh and delicious, the platters always pleasing to the eye. Carol and the staff at Decadent are friendly, courteous and always willing to ensure you have nothing but the best of quality. Excellent Service, Excellent Food!

I’ve been using Decadent Catering for our annual Film and Television industry event for over a decade now and the food and service has been stellar each and every time. We service well over 300 guests and it’s always gone off without a hitch. They have always been able to customize the menus to suit our sometimes unusual party themes as well. Highly recommended!

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