Decadent Catering Daily DessertsThink you left it too late? Has the eleventh hour arrived with your business in desperate need of corporate event catering during this busy festive season? Perhaps it’s become evident that the money just isn’t there to facilitate a big corporate Christmas party this year? Unexpected situations occur from time to time. You may comfortably ride the wave of planned coordination and detailed organization, and then suddenly out-of-the-blue something happens that can unleash concern or panic even, leading to last minute change.

Changing Situations Require Flexible Service

At Decadent Catering we understand that situations can change. Budgets may get massaged or pinched. Numbers may fluctuate by mergers and acquisitions. Regardless of circumstances, ebb and flow in corporate celebrations requires a flexible corporate catering company able to breathe with the changes and requirements businesses face during this time of year. Flexibility with menu creations, delivery, presentation, serving staff and billing, we pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction which directly determines our success in providing excellence at every breath. We roll with the current to offer cost effective catering solutions of best value, freshest quality, timely delivery and impeccable service.  

Superhero Mode to the Event Rescue

Maybe you have everything previously organized and planned out with the same catering company that was brought in for last year’s corporate festivities. With all the details coordinated and locked in, the only thing you were waiting on was the event day itself. There’s a possibility you may have received late news that your caterer cannot facilitate your corporate event and now you’re hard pressed to secure another catering company suitable and available during the peak season. Before you enter panic mode, give us a call. Chances are we may have a solution to help you save the day, rescue the event and come out the hero of festivities at your company.

Affordability in Times of Change

You may find yourself in a situation where you discover the company just doesn’t have the funds this year to host a lavish Christmas party, forcing an event downsize or possibly even cancel it all together. As a well seasoned corporate event catering company we provide affordable excellence so you don’t have to deprive your employees of a well deserved festive celebration. In lieu of a large scale event, we can offer you a plethora of scaled down options that fit nicely within your budget, allowing your business to still gift delicious appreciation to staff, customers and vendors during the festive season.

Memorable Company Outings

Seeking to keep up appearances, maybe your grand corporate event experienced a downsizing but you wish to do something special, unique and memorably different for your employees and their families. Consider hosting an outdoor winter event after the holiday season in the New Year along a frozen pond or an outside ice rink in a park. Adults and children alike can enjoy decadent hot chocolate with all the sweet fixings, local hot cider with cinnamon sticks, even gourmet coffees and teas in between skating, building snow sculptures and other fun winter activities to participate in together. Staff, spouses and their children can be treated to a pancake breakfast or the ever popular, affordable and delicious Decadent BBQ prepared and served on-site. Peruse the many flavours and varieties of BBQ in our menu offerings here. Memorable company events like these do wonders for boosting morale, bringing families together to enjoy the great outdoors this winter can prove to be a much more cost effective and impactful experience than a big sit down multicourse dinner in a large venue.

We Do it All

For almost twenty years Decadent Catering has been successfully providing businesses across Toronto and throughout the GTA with tasteful catering solutions and extreme customer satisfaction. We get it, things happen that may catch you off guard and throw your event for a loop, but worry not… we’re great at what we do and we can do wonders for you and your corporate events throughout the year, not just during this busy festive season. If you’re stuck in a jam give us a call. If you’re searching for catering, we do it all.