Have you been tasked with coordinating an event for your company? Did you welcome the thought, or did the request put fear into your heart? Unless you’re a seasoned event planner, chances are it was the latter. Just like a wedding, a corporate event usually consists of bringing together an assortment of people with a variety of backgrounds and tastes. And since the best way to keep people alert and engaged is with food, consult with the corporate event catering specialists at Decadent Catering to optimize your results.

Satisfying a number of different tastes can be a challenge but not for the experts at Decadent Catering. We have years of experience creating menus that appeal to a wide variety of tastes, whether for corporate or other events. We know that well-fed employees or clients/audience members will contribute greatly to the success of your event.

Let Decadent Catering take care of the food side while you concentrate on the business of putting together the content for your corporate event. Select from one of our proven menus, or give us your specs and we’ll put together a fabulous menu especially for you. Our dedicated team can work with you to ensure your event is both successful and memorable.  We’ll prepare, deliver, set up and serve at your event, and we’ll clean up afterwards too. Hiring Decadent Catering allows you to concentrate on the important things while we take care of feeding your hungry masses!  If you’re in need of a location for your event, Decadent Catering can assist in that area as well.

With 15 years of experience catering events in Toronto and the GTA, we have been there and done that! Decadent Catering is more than able to support you in your corporate event planning.