Decadent Catering Daily DessertsDIY is a big trend among consumers seeking to repair, build and create on their own. The worldwide web is overpopulated with an abundance of do-it-yourself videos available to view online in a plethora of areas that can prove to be of assistance. In business however, DIY may present implications of factors such as labour, time, resources and money. Take catering for instance. When food and beverage is required to be provided at meetings or for events, the “we’ll do-it-ourselves” solution may not prove feasible. A tray of franchise sub sandwiches and boxes of muffins and donuts may very well fall short of requirements leading you to consider corporate catering. At Decadent Catering we offer the high quality, experience, skill and affordability to provide businesses with solutions that can satisfy both budget and palate.


Do-it-yourself catering to corporate meetings and events obviously requires labour to fulfill requirements. Where that labour is sourced from is all dependent on resource availability. Should your business be outfitted with its’ own Food and Beverage Services department, it’s a no brainer. One internal correspondence or phone call is all it takes… and done.  If the labour is required from within your own payroll, you either have a previously designated job description responsible to execute corporate catering functions or you may be forced to pull labour away from productivity to assign the required tasks to. In the case of the latter, it might be beneficial to consider performing a cost analysis weighing loss of productivity with employing the services of a corporate catering company. Decadent-it-yourself here to begin your cost comparison.

Off Site Catering Team

Working with us is like having your own food services department off site yet always on time to deliver the high quality freshness and timely delivery you expect, with only having to have placed one easy call. Once we establish a relationship with your company where we become intimate with your requirements and schedules, and you settle into a comfortable satiation of our menu offerings and creations, placing orders with us will take on the feeling of in-house ordering from one department to another. We seamlessly and consistently provide the catering service that you expect from an internal team player.

Job Description Responsibilities

Even if you have a delegated office manager or meetings and events coordinator assigned, chances are they are not tasked with all the shopping, food preparation and presentation, in addition to serving and cleaning up, required to perform similar duties and services as that of a catering company. Their job description may simply include overseeing and executing the company’s catering requirements and managing budgets for such. At Decadent Catering we deal with a large number of event and meeting coordinators, office managers and corporate kitchens throughout the mega city. Although most of them are tasked with catering, we are their premier choice and often first and only call. When the situation is beyond a DIY requiring decadent detail, fresh inventive preparation, timely delivery, friendly skillful service, pristine presentation and deliciousness beyond expectations, we are the full service catering company on many a speed dial. 

Assigned To the Task

Pulling staff away from job productivity to task them with providing food and beverage requirements to meetings and such, just to save on a catering expenditure is something that if you haven’t clearly identified through a cost analysis can cause a bleed out of efficiency over time. You would be surprised to discover how affordable corporate catering in Toronto can be. You’re welcome to give us a call and crunch some numbers with us. You may in fact want to place a modest order to give us a try and see how seamlessly easy we perform for your company. Have a look at our corporate menu offerings and compare it with what your business is accustom to, price it out to see if it’s a fit for your budget. Should you seek to design a custom menu our talented Executive Chefs will create beyond your expectations to suit your requirements and situational tastes.  

Do It with Us

When you seek a full service corporate catering company in Toronto or throughout the GTA be sure to contact the best to get the very finest in freshness, top quality product served in a beautifully timely fashion. Do it with us to ensure your company is served Decadent Catering best. We look forward to providing you with service excellence regardless of how many bites are required.