Decadent Catering Daily DessertsSecuring a corporate event catering company for your business might present itself to be a lengthy process depending on what you’re looking for. If it’s high quality, best value and optimal service, you may seek the advice of others who are pleased with the caterers that they use for their company catering needs. The city is very busy and has a plethora of offerings. From doing it yourself from scratch in the office kitchen space, bringing in take out foods and setting it up with the help of other staff or having a professional catering business take care of everything from order to clean up, you certainly do have plenty of options. When you need to make a professional statement or the corporate event calls for experienced food preparation, picture perfect presentation and flawless service, a corporate event catering company is the definitive choice, and Decadent Catering is one of the best in the business.

Why Choose Decadent Catering

From the first moment you have the need to hire a corporate catering company, it’s beneficial to consider Decadent Catering. Aside from the cost effective value, here’s why many more businesses are making the choice to include Decadent on their team:

  • Decadent provides comprehensive menu options for all your corporate catering needs right on the website here for you to peruse and quickly select from.
  • Decadent allows for an ease of process in the ordering and payment for all your catering needs. Payment options can be arranged including setting up a corporate account billed monthly.
  • Decadent sources local vendors and producers of fine quality fresh foods and only selects the best items for all catering orders.
  • Decadent prides itself on customer service and satisfaction every time. Going the distance to ensure excellence is a daily business practice at Decadent Catering.
  • Decadent will seamlessly work with you to build any menu requirements your corporate event or meeting needs to have present.
  • Decadent has the ability to provide food service excellence with on site staff when and where required.

Decadent Test Drive

Many first time customers seeking to secure corporate event catering to facilitate a large event will test us out first with a few smaller catering orders. Once they become acquainted with our high level of service and fresh culinary creations, they quickly lock us in to cater big galas and important corporate events. Many of our long time corporate customers rely on our service excellence and freshly prepared foods with each and every one of their orders placed with us. To test drive Decadent Catering yourself and discover what we do best, contact us or visit our website.

Catering Company Outside the Office

After experiencing our catering company, how we work and what we offer, several employees of our repeat corporate customers have contacted us to cater their own personal celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other family occasions. At Decadent Catering it truly pleases us to be considered a ‘Go To’ for all personal and professional catering needs. From our menu offerings to customized creations, we enjoy taking part in it all and seeing the satisfying smiles we bring to people’s faces.

We’re the ‘Go To’ in Corporate Catering

For more than fifteen years we have been providing Toronto and the GTA with optimal service and culinary brilliance, making us a best choice in value and ‘right fit’ for corporate catering needs that span every industry and event. From small meetings, milestone celebrations and large gala events, our corporate customers return to us to achieve their catering goals. We look forward to helping new customers achieve their desired results just as we do with each and every order placed with us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction. Allow Decadent Catering to be your ‘Go To’.