Decadent Catering Event CatererThere is no better way to increase your bottom line than through corporate event catering. The benefits of corporate event catering are enormous.  Aside from showing your appreciation to your clients and employees, a corporate event can function to launch a new product, promote a current product, raise awareness of your business within your industry and attract new customers. Decadent Catering is a full service corporate event catering company that specializes in many types of corporate events, from smaller luncheons to large, gala events. Whatever size event or budget you have in mind, our team can work with you to deliver on time and on budget exactly what you need. 

With advertising pricing so high, many smaller and large business owners look at corporate catering as a way to market their company, brands and products. Gathering all your clients in one room is a great way to mingle and get to know them in a social yet professional setting. Clients always appreciate a good meal as well, and at Decadent Catering, our menu is chock full of delicious, flavorful, locally sourced items that will make your event more than memorable. Knowing our expert team at Decadent is taking care of the details, including food and any other services required at your corporate event, you can spend time with your valued clients and help them get to know you, your products and services and your company. 

Product launches are an excellent way to show off your new products while showing your appreciation to your clients for their business. New clients are often brought in via a product launch, which serves to increase your bottom line. Whether you are looking for a smaller scale lunch or dinner meeting, or a large gala event, Decadent Catering is well-equipped to look after every detail while you take the helm of the event.  Each one of our planners, as well as our executive chef, take your corporate event catering very seriously. There is no room for error and good planning is a must.

Decadent Catering has been providing corporate catering services to our valued clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 15 years and looks forward to many more years of high quality service and value each time we work together.