Corporate catering is one of our many specialties. We have been servicing Toronto and the GTA for over 14 years.

There are many details involved in organizing a corporate event. As your team feverishly runs around implementing all that needs to get done, the catering aspect of the event can be forgotten. This isn’t unusual, we hear about this all the time. At Decadent Catering we understand how this can happen because catering an event can be a large task in itself. We are prepared for such an occasion. For a breakfast corporate catering event we require the order no later than 3pm the day before. For a corporate catered lunch we require the order no later than 4pm the day before. At Decadent Catering we are available to guide and with your consent organize everything for you.

With all the hard work your team contributes to your company what better way to show your appreciation by catering an event. Corporate catering is a way of treating your staff and/or clients to a delicious meal that they will appreciate. Not only that they will be impressed with our food.

We are equipped to cater large or small corporate events. We work with you with all aspects of the corporate catering process.

We are here to service you in any way you need to pull off a successful corporate event.

Decadent Catering specializes in wedding, private and corporate catering services. We service all of Toronto and the GTA.