Below we outline three types of corporate events that many businesses hold multiple times a month, if not a year. With a professional corporate event catering company in your arsenal, you can be sure to wow your clients, customers and employees, thereby boosting your business’s reputation.

Corporate Catering – Meetings with Clients

Lunch meetings with clients are usually held off-site. This is because the two typical options to host such events are a restaurant or your office. While restaurants are great, going to them a lot can eat up your budget for such meetings. In addition, the environment in a restaurant may not be as conducive for business like your office is. There is just too much noise!

Instead of taking clients out to eat, serve them catered food in the boardroom, or in your office, and watch your productivity soar. You can eat, show clients their project’s status, and talk about business in a quiet environment, all by ordering catered food instead!

Hosting a client at your business for lunch provides many opportunities for business growth. After you eat food provided by a corporate event catering company, you can give clients a tour of your facilities, and even introduce them to a specialist working on their project.

Community Outreach

Businesses sometimes hold community outreach events. These may be sponsored events like hackathons, hiring events to meet prospective employees and clients, or job shadowing events to provide locals with a more intimate look at your business.

Whenever your business is interacting with the public at large, you need to ensure that a good impression is made. The life of a business depends on the community’s reaction to it. People need to like and trust your business in order to purchase goods and services from you, after all.

Hosting such an event and including catering from a corporate event catering company is a win-win. Your business gets to increase its local profile, and local members of your community get to learn more about what your business does. Increasing the positivity of your reputation can have a huge impact on increasing your revenues. People like to shop with businesses they know and trust.

Internal Meetings

Internal meetings are a vital part of running a functional business. Internal meetings can range in topic from future product launches, project reviews, meetings regarding new laws or political issues and how they affect the company, and more. Internal meetings are held at least monthly in some companies, if not weekly or daily. In order to feed all those employees and ensure their productivity remains high, you should consider contacting a professional corporate event catering company.

Hunger makes the mind wander. Well-fed employees are productive employees. Whether you are in charge of a small business, or the owner of a multi-national corporation, catering internal meetings can increase employee productivity immensely.

Owning a business is a 24/7 hour job. Working in one, or for one, is not. As a business owner, you need any sort of competitive edge in order to sell more, gain more clients, improve your business’s local reputation, keep the doors open, and more. Well, hiring a corporate event catering company will give you that edge. Decadent Catering has helped countless businesses in Toronto and the GTA with their corporate catering needs, and they can help you as well. For more information on the benefits of corporate event catering, please visit us online at our website today.