Decadent Catering Daily DessertsCorporate catering extends past meetings and galas into other areas of business that has the capability of showing a return on your investment in various ways. Increase employee productivity, strengthen customer and vendor relationships, go beyond to impress influential VIPs, celebrate milestones, release announcements and make internal introductions to welcome new products, services, positions, mergers and acquisitions. There are a plethora of instances where good catering can make all the positive difference in deliciously delivering the new/s, appreciation and celebration within a business family of staff, customers and vendors.

Boost Morale with BBQ

Boost morale and actually increase productivity among your staff with delicious appreciation. Consider treating employees with a Decadent Catering BBQ featuring grilled gourmet burgers and more. Fresh vegetable and pasta salads, an array of condiments and toppings, and even veggie burgers and barbeque falvour styles are all available to enhance the whole experience. Take a look at the corporate menus on our website to discover what you can offer your company employees in appreciation for all the good work they do. Staff BBQ lunches are great for morale as they generate internal excitement and fun. Corporate catering generosity will have a positive impact on productivity whether measurable or not. It’s an opportunity for employees from multiple departments to socially mingle, say sales and marketing with manufacturing and production, which allows for cross team strengthening of relationships. One corporate provided Decadent BBQ may very well have a long term positive impact as employees reminisce and savor the delicious memory.

Strengthen Customer & Vendor Relationships

When seeking to strengthen and celebrate customer or vendor relationships, consider gifting corporate catering Toronto. This can be achieved in a few ways: catering in the form of a gift certificate that can be used for our services; trays of treats and platters of foods delivered to your customer’s or vendor’s door; an in-office catered lunch as a gift or in conjunction with a customer presentation or pitch for business; a breakfast buffet to celebrate anniversary of business relationship; any catering, whether off our corporate menu offerings or custom creations designed to best suit the situation and goal desired to achieve. We are flexible and as our corporate customers come to appreciate our creative passion, catering plays more of a positive role in business dealings.

Impress Traveling VIPs & Executives

If you’re seeking to impress VIPs traveling by private jet, as a  Toronto corporate catering company we have experienced creating flight specific trays of delectable gourmet offerings from fresh fruits, decadent cheeses, pastries, sweets and easy gastronomic finger foods like antipasti, perfect to impress the finest of palates. Luxury morsels beautifully presented and delivered in a timely fashion is sure to create a positive impact. Should you have executives and VIPs out on location, possibly surveying sites and facilities, we offer box lunch options and other mobile suitable foods and drinks for catered solutions on-the-go.   

Nourish and Cheer

Corporate events materialize into many shapes and sizes. They can encompass celebrations of milestones, ISO certification, anniversaries, retirement farewells, accomplishments and accolades. There may be cause to internally introduce a new product, line or service, possibly even deliver important company news relating to mergers and acquisitions, welcoming new management or releasing timely announcements prior to hitting the media. Regardless of the reason for your need to nourish and cheer, you will most likely require a well-seasoned corporate catering company that pays attention to detail, whether feeding and serving 2 people or 500 plus guests, we seek to ensure your goal achievement.

Culinary Awesomeness For Your Company

Although we do enjoy being a go-to catering company for countless breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings throughout Toronto and the GTA, our experience, talent and flexibility allows us to go beyond into the areas of business where catering enhances corporate life experiences. Visit our website, Facebook page or give us a call today and allow us to create culinary awesomeness for your company.