Planning a corporate event can be overwhelming for anyone who is not experienced in this area.  It is not as simple as ordering food and wine.  There are so many aspects to consider when planning an important business event for your company, and leaving the planning and execution to a corporate event catering company is your best choice to ensure success.  Decadent Catering is a quality catering company that specializes in corporate events of any size.  Our team is equipped to deal with large gala events, down to smaller, personalized breakfast meetings.  No matter what your requirements, our team can work with you to ensure your next event is not only successful, but memorable for your clients.

There are many different reasons to hold a corporate event and to hire a corporate event catering company.  Perhaps you are interested in increasing company morale and want to thank your employees for their dedication and hard work with a company retreat.   You could also use a corporate event to celebrate successes or to launch new products.  A corporate event catering company is a great addition to any event.  By providing fresh, delicious food and taking care of all the details, Decadent Catering can ensure your event will be a success.

From our planning team to our wait staff and executive chef, each member of our team works together to ensure your event is flawless.  We choose only the best, locally sourced ingredients that ensure freshness, and have a varied menu that will suit every palate.  Non-food related details like photography and music can be arranged through our corporate event catering company as well.

Consider marketing your products with a corporate event and hiring a corporate event catering company.  This is a unique way to spread the word about your brand, products and company at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing tools.  Your clients will appreciate your generosity and the opportunity to socialize within a professional framework.  Using a corporate event to launch new products can draw attention to you product and company.

Decadent Catering is a corporate event catering company that has been serving our valued corporate clients in Toronto and the GTA for over 14 years.