Decadent Catering Daily DessertsAt Decadent Catering we’re on our way to two decades of successful corporate event catering, and we’ve made quite a few valuable connections that benefit our customers in many ways. Some of those connections have proven to even get our clients out of potential sticky situations in a pinch. Of course our food and beverage connections are second to none, as we source out only the best of the best, especially locally made and grown. Yet it’s in those moments when all seems lost, that our associations and relationships really shine for the benefit of all.

Connections Not Lost On This Catering Company

Throughout our many years as a corporate event catering company, we’ve assisted several businesses in creating seamless meetings and functions. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and we’ve learned to roll with the changes and even exceed our customers’ expectations. Canceling a meeting or catering order doesn’t always have to be the only option in times of panicked last minute changes. We’ve been able to help our customers out of some rather awkward situations, even ones that have nothing to do with catering, thanks to the connections and relationships we’ve built throughout the city and beyond.

Lost Their Audio Visual Technician

While on the phone with a client who needed to modify a previously placed catering order for a presentation meeting, she was reading a text and exclaimed “oh great, just what I need in the eleventh hour!” When asked if we can be of any assistance, our client said “I know you’re a catering company, but can you manifest an AV tech, because ours is in hospital.” Our list of contacts reaches far and wide and we were able to provide her with an audio visual connection that led to success in delivering exactly what our client required on such short notice.

Almost Lost Their Executives

Another corporate customer of ours contacted us in quite a panic. A fully planned day of precisely timed meetings and events was crumbling all because of some bad weather on the other side of the world. Their CEO and CFO was grounded due to a hurricane and wasn’t able to return in time for the highly important, action packed day that others were also flying in specifically to attend. The timing was so sensitive that our client was calling us to cancel the lunch meeting catering order placed weeks ago. More than half of the planned meetings and events that day were to be canceled, due to the executive’s absence, except a critical location site inspection that could not be postponed. Instead of canceling the catering order, we transformed it into an executive boxed lunch that all could enjoy while on route to the site in a corporate bus. In the end, it worked out better than expected. The day was rescued when the two stranded executives were able to fly in and meet the others at the site, and subsequently also enjoy their Decadent Catering boxed lunch.

Lost Their Meeting Venue

A client of ours arrived to their offices one morning to find a truck in their boardroom. At some point during the night, a loaded cube van drove right through the front window of their building, leaving them no place to hold their annual board meeting that day. Rather than being forced to cancel the planned lunch meeting, we were able to quickly help find our client an alternate venue, conveniently close to their offices, that allowed the meeting to proceed as planned while a crash investigation took place at their offices. Sometimes we can feel more like a solutions provider rather than just a corporate catering company. Being of assistance and pleasing our customers pleases us beyond measure.

Connections and Catering beyond the City

Throughout Toronto and the GTA we provide more than just corporate catering. Weddings, galas, parties and events of all sizes and requirements have afforded us one awesome list of connections in the city and beyond. Planning an event, meeting or have a corporate function on the books? Contact us and let’s see if we can co-create success together.