Decadent Catering Wedding CatererDid you happen to get engaged over the holidays?! If so, allow us to say Congratulations to you both!! That’s a wonderful warming of the heart during the winter festive season. Even more reason to celebrate and be in joy! Now you will enter a new year with a delightful event on the horizon… your wonderful wedding day! It’s all quite exciting and now you both will be set to embark on planning and preparations together, including finding a wedding caterer to suit your tastes and needs.

Beneficial Word of Mouth

Wedding planning will now be on your mind until the big day arrives. Aside from picking up the latest magazines, searching on Google and surfing wedding websites, one of the oldest and best forms of advertising is word of mouth, so be sure to engage people in conversation about their wedding planning experiences. Who did their flowers, where did they have their reception, which caterers did they use? Pretty pictures and catalogues of options are great to look at, however nothing beats hearing tales of first hand experiences from others who have ventured down the wedded path. Sure dresses, flowers and food can be presented beautifully in images, but if the people you’re dealing with behind those creations are difficult, lack customer satisfaction skills, are over priced or unreasonable in anyway, that’s valuable information to have before making any final decisions.

Too Soon to Plan

Maybe it’s a bit too early to start any planning, you just got engaged. You’re probably still flying high on the excitement of it all. When the time comes to start preparations for your big day consider contacting us at Decadent Catering. We are a full service wedding and event caterer offering the best the city has to offer in fresh culinary creations presented beautifully and with perfectly timed precision. We can also assist you well beyond just food and beverage for a majority of your wedding planning needs. We’re well connected with some of the best talent in town thanks to the relationships we’ve cultivated in our almost twenty years of successful business.  

Dream Wedding

Some couples that get engaged over the holiday season fantasize about all of the possibilities for their wedding celebration. With the snow blanketing everything in a white winter wonderland, many couples envision themselves exchanging their vows with their bare feet nestled in the sand of a beautiful tropical beach. The warmth of the sunshine beaming down on them, the ocean breezes blowing across their skin, thoughts of a beach wedding easily delights many especially during the winter chill. That’s fine and well and quite romantic to think about, however family and friends must be considered as they will most certainly want to celebrate your wedding with you. If couples follow through with their beach wedding fantasy, they often host a party back home afterwards to include all of their loved ones and friends. We’ve done catering for several occasions like these where wedded couples return from exchanging vows in their dream destination and have a party to celebrate their union. Often these receptions lean towards the casual, and many seem to prefer to go with a buffet set up. Some even go as far as sharing images and videos of their paradise wedding opting to include AV as part of the party entertainment so friends and family can share in the wedded couples blissed out beach experience.

Celebrate with Us

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate your wedding, it is guaranteed to be a celebration to fondly remember for many years to come. You can enjoy wedding planning bliss, especially when dealing with the best this city has to offer. If you select to have your wedding in Toronto or the GTA, we can assist you in your wedding planning and catering needs. Visit our website to discover more about Decadent Catering or give us a call. Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you both countless years of wedded bliss.