Decadent Catering Daily DessertsIn business from time to time there are situations that arise which require a certain level of confidentiality. Mergers and acquisitions, change of management, restructuring discussions, even private meetings where just the attendees alone could raise eyebrows and unwanted attention within a company setting. Corporate catering may even become a necessity during such sensitive situations, and although you must provide it, you will most certainly want to ensure you’re working with a caterer of discretion who respects your need for privacy and impeccable VIP service.  

Private and Confidential

There can be several reasons to have a private meeting or gathering that your company seeks to keep away from prying eyes, loose lips and in some cases, even the media. When situations such as these require catering services, it’s beneficial to ensure your food service provider maintains a high level of discretion and customer privacy. At Decadent Catering our corporate clients appreciate that we respect their privacy and can be confidential and discrete about the catering services we provide. Are you faced with the need for catering under a sensitive condition? Consider contacting us today, in fact have a look at our corporate menu offerings here to get an idea of what we provide.

Alternate Choice

Even if your company already has in-house food services available at your disposal or if you regularly work with a specific caterer, there may come a time when a completely separate corporate catering company is required to ensure complete privacy and assurance of optimal confidentiality. Consider us as an alternate caterer should you find yourself in a situation where you must maintain a level of secrecy surrounding your need for catering. Whether the location is in your offices off hours, at a separate site or venue or even at a corporate residence, we provide businesses throughout the city with the finest quality foods, service excellence, precision delivery of optimal presentation and we uphold the highest discretion. It’s why our corporate clients choose to work with us again and again.

Corporate Catering House

When participating in international dealings where individuals from out-of-town must be provided accommodations in the city, sometimes businesses rent or may own residences for executives, dignitaries and VIPs that require a level of privacy thus not conducive to the exposure of hotel accommodations. Through our many years of high level corporate catering experience, we have provided fine quality freshly prepared foods, pristinely presented with service excellence to countless corporate housing locations in and around the city. From welcome platters of deliciousness for newly arrived executives with their families, to impressive cocktail parties and private black-tie dinners with dignitaries. Small VIP gatherings outside of the office boardroom to lavish affairs, our catering services are preferred among discriminating businesses demanding perfection. We often get referrals in part due to the way we conduct ourselves and that we respect our client’s requirements for privacy with a high level of service.

The Speed of Impression

Business moves fast, as in Learjet speed at times, and circumstances can arise that lead to the vital necessity to make a rapid and powerful impact on decision makers in order to close deals, sign contracts and instill great change. When seeking to make a powerful impression, details remain a high factor in achieving goals. A first-rate catering company can assist you with impressing VIPs, Executives, Board Members, investors and dignitaries when you must influence a rapidly positive impact.

Serving up Decadent Success

We are a well established and highly respected event catering company providing high quality service of fine food and beverage creations to businesses in and around Toronto and the GTA. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of service to you and your company. Whatever your catering needs and VIP requirements may be, chances are good that we will not only meet them, we will achieve them beyond your expectations. We look forward to working with you in decadent success.