Are you in the market for a corporate event catering company? You’re not alone. Many businesses are searching for a corporate event catering company that is capable of serving an event with delicious food and a friendly service. Decadent Catering prides itself on its ability to serve its clients with these two important factors which make up a good corporate event catering company. However, today we want to show you the steps you should take when considering which catering company to choose.

Word of mouth is still a major form of communication in the business world. Corporate event catering companies have reputations, both negative and positive, whether they like it or not, that are spread via word of mouth. It is important that you provide high quality service in order to facilitate as much positive word of mouth as possible.

After searching, you may have narrowed down your list of corporate event catering companies. Now you should contact them and schedule a tasting. Most major companies will be more than happy to afford you this opportunity and it will grant you peace of mind. If they are unwilling to schedule a tasting, try a different company.

When considering which corporate event catering company to choose, you should also consider whether or not they have specialized in a certain type of cuisine, or if they are geared towards specific types of events. This will allow you to understand what their capabilities are and whether or not they can provide effective service.

If you are worried about reputation. Ask for testimonials. A successful corporate event catering company will provide you with ample references and testimonials. However, this can only occur if they have these references. If they lack them, this means that they are either a brand new company or they have a bad reputation. Be wary.

Before you make your decision, inquire about the quality of the food. Do they use fresh ingredients or do they cook with frozen vegetables and meat. These are important questions to ask. If you really want to dig deep, you can contact your local health department and inquire about a specific company.

Lastly, before any deals are made, ask for a quote. This simple step will save you headaches and prevent surprising bills that you were not prepared for. Always ask how much a corporate event catering company will charge for the entire service. Remember, before you sign, read the contract and look for any loopholes. If you notice anything odd, look for a new corporate event catering company. You are in the market for food, not legal problems.

We hope that our guide has proven helpful. Here at Decadent Catering, we love what we do. As a full service corporate event catering company, we have a passion for food and exceptional service. We provide corporate catering options to all companies throughout Toronto and the GTA.