Decadent Catering Daily DessertsIt’s a new calendar year and a perfect time to consider a new corporate catering company. Maybe you don’t even have one, and catering has posed an issue in the past for your business. There’s a possibility that your company doesn’t even need one, perhaps you have an in-house facility for your catering needs. For many businesses throughout our great city, in-house conveniences such as that are reserved for large corporations and big facilities. Sometimes catering becomes an issue, particularly when cost justifying the need for it.

The Productivity of Assigning Responsibility

Sure it’s easy to assign someone from the office to bring in food and beverages for meetings and such. However, if not part of a job description, the productivity of that position may suffer due to the attention, time and effort given to purchasing, preparing, presenting and cleaning up from breakfast/lunch meetings and the like. Can you afford to assign an employee or employees to such a task? Can you cost justify the loss of productivity? Would you consider some number crunching to investigate bringing in a catering company to efficiently facilitate your catered needs? Have a look at our corporate catering menus here or contact us to see if our services fit into your budgetary resources. We have been providing businesses with ease of catering for almost two decades. From intimate lunch meetings to full scale corporate gala events, we have the experience and know-how to consistently provide exceptional customer service, skillfully presented fresh culinary creations, timely delivery and service, and satisfaction in every bite.

New Year Change

With every new year comes change. We take this time to reevaluate what we’re doing and how we can improve, where we can make changes that will benefit progress and subsequently success. Maybe you already have a corporate event catering company that your business has been dealing with for quite some time and although they’ve never really disappointed, it’s feeling a bit stale and a change may be in order. Consider switching things up a bit and bringing in a different caterer for a breakfast meeting or lunch presentation pitch. We’ve stepped in many times when called upon to offer a fresh approach. Sometimes our numbers are even better and companies appreciate our added value services and approach to corporate catering needs.

Stellar Success in Corporate Events

There’s a possibility that your business does not require office catering for meetings. There’s either no need for it or the numbers don’t cost justify the requirements, but you do have company events on the horizon in 2017 that will need corporate event catering. We have catered all types of corporate events, from outdoor employee appreciation barbeques to full formal galas and product launches consisting of 500 plus people. We have built solid relationships with many of the best venues in the city as well as event providers for audio visual, entertainment, lighting, valet service, photography and more. We are a full service event catering company that can offer your business a hassle-free planning and execution experience to ensure your corporate events are a stellar success.

Facilitating Your Catering Goals In 2017

Regardless of your corporate catering needs we have the talent, skill, experience and confidence to facilitate your goals in 2017. If you’re doing business in Toronto or throughout the GTA, consider Decadent Catering for your food and beverage needs. You will find us most pleasing to deal with as we believe that our success in business is directly related to our customer satisfaction on every order we receive. We wish you and your business a prosperous and most enjoyable new year.