One of the most asked questions by businesses that have decided to start a corporate catering program is “How do you set up the event and get staff interested in it?” Creating a corporate catering event for your business has many benefits, namely it boosts engagement and improves employee retention. However, we are the first to admit that setting it up and getting staff hooked is not easy. Rest assured, with the right steps and the right approach, you can easily make your first or next catering event a hit.

In this blog post our company, with extensive experience offering corporate catering in Toronto, shares with you 5 practical tips for introducing catered events to staff.

5 Tips for Making Your Next Toronto Corporate Catering Event a Success

1. Choose a Unique Theme

Planning a corporate catering event with a unique theme in mind will help you get the groundwork started. It will also give your caterer a rough idea of the type of menu that would best suit your event and make customized recommendations. Selecting a theme is also important because it can help you set the tone, determine what foods and drinks to serve, as well as what decorations to use.

2. Set a Schedule

Setting and sticking to a schedule will also help make the event run smoothly and feel successful. Ask yourself the following questions: Is my event going to have multiple speakers and presenters? Will staff members be able to attend? When is the best time to host the event without disrupting the daily workflow? It is very important to plan a corporate catering event around the day’s schedule and work with the caterer to build in time for food service and cooking time.

3. Welcome Feedback

Not every corporate catering event will be 100% successful. That’s perfectly okay. Even the best of events can use some tweaks. Encourage your staff to provide you with feedback on how the event went. Ask them to provide specific and constructive criticism: What did they like most? The least? What food items would they like to see included in the next event?

4. Consider the Special Dietary and Cultural Needs of Your Guests

Before you select your menu items for your corporate event it is important to make sure you ask your guests about their dietary preferences (e.g., allergies) or cultural restrictions (e.g., Halal and Kosher). When sending out invites, you can request them to indicate their preferences in the RSVP form. Doing this is essential as you want to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of the catered event.

5. Have a Back Up Plan

Like with any event, corporate events must have a backup plan. It is important to prepare for every interruption ahead of time to prevent last-minute upsets or cancellations. For example, if your event requires internet access and access to a computer, one option is to have a backup presentation prepared in which internet and computer access is not required. Also, if the venue finds itself unable to host your event at the last minute, it may be helpful to have another one you could contact and who could accommodate you with short notice.

Decadent Catering now offers individually assembled meals

Our team at Decadent Catering has been offering corporate catering in Toronto for over 15 years.  We offer a service guarantee based on our longevity and are dedicated to our valued clients.  To be able to offer our clients the best corporate catering in Toronto in these different times, we now offer single serve meals. All meals are prepared, packaged and delivered in accordance with the guidelines set out by Health Canada. Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 catering menu.